What is this all about?

Why I'm starting benevolent(self) on substack

Throughout my career, I have been learning constantly. I’m a software engineer, it’s part of the job but it’s also been part of my life for the past 7 years professionally. I try and learn something new or expand my understanding every single day. I have an insatiable appetite for my craft but I’ve been blind to some aspects that are easy to ignore.

It’s the things in-between programming.

It’s soft skills.

It’s a work-life balance.

It’s the things they don’t tell you at university.

I usually blog about technical subjects and create tutorials to help others but one of the areas I’m excited about now is sharing tools to help programmers/hackers/developers/engineers/makers like myself to improve in areas outside of the console. Join me on this journey!

Let’s be better, healthier, more resilient and well-rounded as professionals.